Every project begins with an idea.  Without direction the idea can become lost and frustrated.  The goal of my design process is to give every new idea an opportunity to be explored and implemented.  There are two main phases that guide a project: beginning with the Conceptual Phase & transitioning to the Implementation Phase.  Although every project is different, they all ask two simple questions.  Where are we going?  How do we get there?


Design Consultation

Design Consultation is intended to give ideas in order to create a framework or program for the rest of the project to fall within. This framework would aid in creating a cohesive design that blends all of the components together.

Concept Development

Concept development would begin to form a schematic master plan with a general space layout and theme. This conceptual master plan would include some or all of the following: a site plan drawn to a determined scale, conceptual vignettes or perspective drawings, and inspiration images to be used as an idea reference. It is important to note that the concept plans are not intended for construction but rather a tool to display design intent.

Opinion of Probable Cost

It is important for a client to understand what their project is going to cost and the earlier they understand this, the better. It is in the clients, the contractors, and BSSD’s best interest to have a fair and consistent bid process.


Design Development

This step in the design process allows BSSD to take the concept master plan and begin to “tighten” the design. The design is transferred into AutoCAD with precise measurements and drawings such as material call-out plans, grading plans, and initial elevations are developed.

Construction Documents

These drawings are intended to help the design be implemented properly during construction. They include proper dimensions of hardscape elements and their proper location, final material call-out along with intended finishes, intended structure of site elements and included materials, detail enlargements and sections to further explain site elements, and plant material location and specific plant types.

Construction Administration

Construction Administration allows BSSD to review site progress periodically and to review conditions for possible field adjustment. It is a means to review the construction in order to maintain the design intent. *It is the responsibility of the contractor to install the site elements correctly and safely as well as have the proper inspections performed by those with the authority to do so.